Access the Library your way

Through a variety of innovative technology, the Library’s collection of books and resources are accessible for Library members who are visually impaired, or struggle with reading or language.

computer with blue screen, keyboard and magnification machine
Adaptive Technology Hub in the Library

Our helpful accessibility technology

  • Enlarge the screen: Our ZoomText Screen Magnifier enlarges everything on the computer screen up to 36 times its normal size.
  • Have on-screen text read out to you: Use JAWS, the screen reading software, and have the information that’s shown on the computer screen read aloud.
  • Have printed text read out to you: With the Kurzweil 1000 and Kurzweil 3000 software programs, you can scan the text you’re interested in and the software will convert it into speech and read it aloud.
  • See this website differently or have it read out to you: Get reading support while viewing a website with UserWay. Simply click the round, blue accessibility icon to the right of the screen on the website. 

Accessible materials to borrow

We are committed to offering accessible materials to borrow, including:

  • CELA audiobooks (from the Centre for Equitable Library Access)
  • Large Print books
  • Braille books
  • eBooks
  • eMagazines
  • eAudiobooks

Website accessibility

We are dedicated to ensuring that our website and its content meet the requirements set out under the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). To ensure our website and content are accessible, we check our content regularly and receive training on how to create accessible digital documents.

Accessible Customer Service Policy

The Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library remains committed to eliminating barriers for the
public we serve as well as for our employees. We promote an inclusive, respectful and caring
environment where Library programs, services and facilities are available to everyone, including
persons with disabilities.

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville's Multi-Year Accessibility Plan (MYAP) aligns with the goals in the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) to identify, remove and prevent barriers that restrict opportunities for people with disabilities. It describes our plans to identify and remove these barriers for all Town facilities and services. The plan also outlines the progress we’ve made over the past years and sets a course for the future.

View our 2023 status report.

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