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TFiOS Movie Review

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Some Grade 7s in Aurora attended The Night Before Our Stars on the opening day of The Fault In Our Stars, the movie, and one of them sent along this review. Thanks, Freddie!

“A few days ago me and a few of my friends had just heard about the TFIOS special screening of the movie before it officially came out called: “The Fault in our Stars.” Me and my friends having read the book were  ecstatic and bought our tickets as soon as we could!  When the night of the screening came, we got there an hour and thirty minutes early just to get good seats.

The movie overall was absolutely lovely and so touching, at all the sad parts (trying to remain as spoiler free as possible) all you could hear from the audience were sniffles and tears.  I must say this was one of the most amazing books turned into movies I’ve ever seen, and with an added bonus of a live Q and A with the cast, crew, and John Green himself plus a signed poster and bracelet for everybody who attended the night couldn’t get any better.

I was so lucky to have the opportunity to see this movie and I enjoyed every bit of it!!”