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Canadian Points of View:

Canadian Points of View Reference Centre is a full text database for use in the public and school libraries in Canada. Content in the database is designed to provide students and schools with a series of controversial essays that present multiple sides of a current issue. Essays provide questions and materials for further thought and study and are accompanied by thousands of supporting articles from the world’s top political and societal publications. The product has a deliberate Canadian focus that highlights the issues in the country of Canada.
To access Canadian Points of View:

  1. Click on the Digital Library tab
  2. Click on Online Databases
  3. Enter your barcode and password
  4. Select Canadian Points of View from the Research list

Career Cruising:

This fully bilingual database has been designed to help students and others plan their future. Users are able to access hundreds of detailed occupation profiles – everything from Actuary to Zookeeper. Profiles include: job descriptions, working conditions, education and training, earnings, and links to related occupations and other resources. York Region District School Board students can access their Individual Pathways Plan on the Library’s Career Cruising access.

To access Career Cruising:

  1. Click on the Digital Library tab
  2. Click on Online Databases
  3. Enter your barcode and password
  4. Select Career Cruising from the Business & Careers list

Teen Health & Wellness:

This database was developed for teens with their unique concerns in mind, providing curricular support and self-help on topics including diseases, drugs & alcohol, nutrition, mental and emotional health, cyber-literacy, family life, sexuality and more.

To access Teen Health & Wellness:

  1. Click on the Digital Library tab
  2. Click on Online Databases
  3. Enter your barcode and password
  4. Select Teen Health and Wellness from the Health & Wellness list

eBooks and Audiobooks on EBSCOhost:

Comprised of almost 3000 e-books this database includes the entire Cliffs Notes collection and 5000+ public domain titles, covering such topics as computers, business, health, science, literature and general reference.

To access this collection:

  1. Click on the Digital Library tab
  2. Click on Downloadables
  3. Select eBooks & Audiobooks on EBSCOhost from the online database list

Free practice tests, written specifically based on the official ON driver’s handbook materials.



York Region District School Board

York Region Catholic District School Board

Ontario Student Assistance Program

eInfo (for University information)

Ontario Colleges

Apprenticeships in Ontario

GED and OSSD courses from Independent Learning Centre


  • Downloadable ebooks and audiobooks via library web site
  • Graphic novels
  • Music CDs
  • Video games
  • DVDs
  • Teen magazines
  • Study rooms and carrels
  • Free Internet access
  • Free wireless Internet access

 Homework Links:

Writing Project
This free mobile or web-based app engages users in step-by-step critical thinking and shows them how to use their ideas in various types of writing.

A K-12 homework help portal organizing resources into grade-appropriate categories for elementary, middle and high school.

Bibliography Maker
The fully automatic bibliography maker that auto-fills. It’s the easiest way to build a works cited page.

The single best source for facts on the net.

Atlas of Canada
A collection of digital maps, quizzes, facts, geographical information and learning resources about Canada.

Wired Math
Games and exercises for Grades 7-10

Homework Help
From TVO’s Independent Learning Centre. Free tutor chat rooms for Grades 7-10.