Stouffville Reads 2015

The Winner of Stouffville Reads:

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero


Community Champion: Heather Rogers

Listen to the live recordings of the Stouffville Reads 2015 Event!

Stouffville Reads 2015 Gala Introduction

Crossing the Line – Defended by Champion Jim Mason

You Are A Badass – Defended by Champion Heather Rogers

Jonathan Livingston Seagull – Defended by Champion Anand Daté

No Dragons for Tea – Defended by Champions Rob McKenzie and Jennifer Cooper

Unbroken – Defended by Champion Harry Renault

The Tipping Point – Defended by Champion Anna Rose

Stouffville Reads 2015 Gala Conclusion



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Celebrate reading and community by joining in on the Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library’s first Stouffville Reads! This fall, read the six books nominated by community champions, and vote for your favourite at the Library.  A gala debate on October 22 @ 7pm will determine the winning book, and someone who voted for it will get a great prize. You can also follow the discussion on Facebook or Twitter at #stouffvillereads.

Here are the nominees!

Hear the nominees on Whistle Radio  (102.7 FM)

Episode #1 Anna Rose, Chief McKenzie,  & Harry Renaud

 Stouffville Reads – Episode #1: Part 1

 Stouffville Reads – Episode #1: Part 2

Episode #2 – Heather Rogers, Anand, Daté,  & Brian Laverty (representing Jim Mason)

Stouffville Reads – Episode #2: Part 1

Stouffville Reads – Episode #2: Part 2

Find the books here