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Horror picks

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Our teen book club looked at some great picks for horror readers this afternoon.

Ready for Walking Dead, season 6? It’s coming back Sunday, October 11, and you can find all the comics, DVDs and more @your library.

A new psychological thriller is Allan Stratton’s The Dogs. Cameron and his mom have been on the run from his abusive father. At least, that’s what his mother says. They move out to an old, isolated farmhouse, and Cameron starts to see and hear unusual things – the child of the previous owner was killed by a pack of dogs. Is the place haunted? Or are Cameron and his mom both paranoid?

We don’t know if vampires and witches count, but there’s a great series by Sally Green called Half Bad. In modern day England, witches live alongside humans, but Nathan has been kept captive because his father is the most powerful dark witch there is. He has to escape and determine his future.

There are always old favourites, like HP Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, and Shirley Jackson.

Join us on October 29 to celebrate Halloween with a Clue Murder Mystery, 4-6 pm, and then a visit from the Horror Writers’ Association of Ontario, 7-9 pm, in the large multipurpose room. Hope to see you there!