Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I have items checked out?

  • Books – 3 weeks with 2 renewals if not on reserve
  • Magazines – 3 weeks with 2 renewals if not on reserve
  • Audiobooks – 3 weeks with 2 renewals if not on reserve
  • DVDs – no renewals
    • DVDs (popular) – 3 days
    • DVDs – 1 week
    • DVDs (non-fiction) – 2 weeks
    • DVDs (TV series) – 2 weeks
  • Mobile Hotspots – 2 weeks
  • Video games – 1 week; no renewals
  • Launchpads – 1 week; no renewals
  • Bestsellers – 1 week; no renewals
  • Special Edition Magazines – 1 week; no renewals
  • Playaway Lock – 3 weeks; no renewals

What are the overdue fines and library fees?

How many items can I have out at one time?

  • Books – 100
  • Magazines – 10
  • Audiobooks – 10
  • DVDs – 5 regular DVDs and 1 popular DVD
  • Computer games – 1
  • Launchpads – 1
  • Mobile Hotspots – 1
  • Playaway Lock – 1

What do I need to get a Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library card?

  • Valid photo ID with current address
  • No current ID? Bring the following: photo ID (ie passport) AND one of the following: a piece of official mail, utility bill, voter registration card, etc with your current address

If I do not live in Whitchurch-Stouffville, can I still get a Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library card?

Yes, the Library offers library cards free of charge to anyone with valid ID as indicated above.

What if I had a library card and lost it or have not used it in a long time?

  • If your card is lost, stop by the Library to get a replacement card. Bring ID as indicated above and the cost for replacement is $7.
  • If it’s been a long time since you’ve used your card and you’re unsure of its status, you can check online under “My Account” or by visiting the Library.

What can I do on the WSPL website?

  • Browse the entire library catalogue including books, magazines, audiobooks, DVDs, computer games, ebooks and more.
  • Download available ebooks and eaudiobooks.
  • Stream available videos.
  • Browse the many events, workshops, and performances offered at the Library
  • Renew items and place materials on hold. You will be notified via email or phone when the items are available for you.
  • Access your online account:
    • Check your card status
    • Update your personal information
    • View reserves and their delivery status
    • Check the due date of borrowed materials
    • Renew materials online

What other libraries can I join if I live in Whitchurch-Stouffville?

We have a reciprocal borrowing agreement for Whitchurch-Stouffville residents with the following libraries:

  • Aurora
  • East Gwillimbury
  • Georgina
  • King Township
  • Markham
  • Newmarket
  • Pickering
  • Richmond Hill
  • Uxbridge
  • Vaughan